Best of Friends

By Cathy Kelly

Four very different women are drawn together in the warm and engaging new novel by the bestselling author of JUST BETWEEN US.

Good times or bad, friends are always there…

Abby’s TV career is taking off and now she and her husband, Tom, can have the life they’ve dreamed of in the lovely town of Dunmore. But after seventeen years of marriage, when you’re feeling taken for granted, an old boyfriend can spell danger…

Abby’s daughter, Jess, thinks being a teenager is the worst thing ever. While her classmates are blossoming into confident women, she’s too scared to smile at the boy she likes. Is she ever going to catch up?

Lizzie has time for everybody: her friends in Dunmore, her grown-up children, even her ex-husband. Then Myles finds someone new and Lizzie starts to wonder if there’s anyone out there for her.

Erin follows her husband home to Ireland from Chicago to help his career. But is she ready for small-town life? And how can she tell Greg why she doesn’t want to see the family she left behind years ago?

Then tragedy touches the four women. As they draw together in their sadness, they realize that life is for living, and they have to grab it in both hands…

Format: Paperback
Release Date: 06 Oct 2003
Pages: 528
ISBN: 978-0-00-715403-6
Cathy Kelly is a number 1 bestselling author. She worked as a journalist before becoming a novelist, and has published eleven bestselling books.She is also an ambassador for UNICEF in Ireland. She lives in Wicklow with her partner and their twin sons.

”'An absorbing heart-warming tale.” - COMPANY

”'Warm and delightful” - New Woman

‘A compulsive read’Woman’s Weekly -

‘All the ingredients of the blockbuster are here… a page turner’Sunday Independent -

‘Not only one but two likeable heroines… Kelly dramatises her story with plenty of sparky humour’The Times -

‘Totally believable' ROSAMUNDE PILCHER -