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About Cathy Kelly

Cathy Kelly  is a former journalist whose debut novel, Woman To Woman, became an instant number one bestseller. Since then, she has published 22 novels, which are loved by readers all around the world and have sold millions of copies globally. 

She lives in Ireland’s County Wicklow with her family, as well as three dogs and a cat, all of whom are cruelly treated and never get to sit behind her office chair when she’s writing. 

When not writing with a small dog at her back, she reads voraciously, dances round the kitchen, travels pillion on a motorbike, has a variety of textile art projects on the row – ‘Mum likes buying wool…’ : Anonymous – and pretends to Marie Kondo the house. 

She has been a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF Ireland since 2005 and has visited many countries to report on UNICEF’s work, most recently Turkiye to see the aftereffects of the devastating Feb earthquake.

She is currently working on her next book…